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24 handmade bonbons in 24 different flavours (300g):
  1. Passion fruit
  2. Pistachio/raspberry
  3. Gingerbread
  4. Surprise flavor
  5. Saffran
  6. Black currant
  7. Blueberry/lavender
  8. Raspberry/licorice
  9. Mulled wine (glögg)
  10. Mint
  11. Raspberry/passion fruit
  12. Salted caramel
  13. Hazelnut
  14. Orange/apricot
  15. Almond/sea buckhorn
  16. Pineapple
  17. Peanut
  18. Cherry/chilly
  19. Tonka
  20. Cranberry/pistachio
  21. Rum/raisin
  22. Spicy pear
  23. Mango/lime
  24. Orange/chocolate

We are using only ingredients of the highest quality and Fairtrade Chocolate. Our fillings are made with real fruits and berries. All nuts and seeds are activated and all fillings are raw, which makes them more nutritionally dense. We don't use any artificial ingredients, glucose, or fructose syrups

All our desserts are plant-based and we don't add any gluten, soy or refined sugar.

Collection: Chocolate

Collection: Christmas Collection

Can be delivered by Post: Yes



ALMONDS,PECANS,CASHEW, PISTACHIO,HAZELNUT, PEANUT, cacao paste, cacao butter, raw cane sugar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, coconut milk powder, coconut flour, coconut cream, coconut oil, lime, cherry, blueberry, sea buckhorn, black currant, raspberries, mango, passion fruit, dates, apricot, cranberry, pear, coconut, orange, cacao powder, lemon, cinnamon, buckwheat, cardamom, clove, mint, ginger, saffron, vanilla, turmeric, tonka, nutmeg, licorice powder, rum aroma, spirulina, natural color pigment (red, yellow), blue spirulina, butterfly pea powder, carrot powder, broccoli powder, salt, chilly, glögg arom, cayenne pepper


Our facility is not entirely gluten-free, so our products might contain traces of gluten


The chocolate is available for shipment at around the EU
Pick up in Uppsala 0 SEK
Home delivery in Uppsala county from 150 SEK
PostNord 50 SEK, 100 SEK (EU & Norway)  


3 weeks in room temperature
6 weeks in the fridge
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